Weather and Climate

Uganda has two different climate zones.

Northern Uganda has a tropical climate that includes a rainy season and a dry season. The rainy season is from April to October and the dry season is from November to March. Southern Uganda has an equatorial climate with two rainy seasons (28°C/82°F during the day and 16°C/61°F at night) and two dry seasons. (27°C/81°F during the day and 16°C/61°F at night) Long rainy season from March to May and short rainy season from October to November. The First dry season is from June to September and second dry season is from December to February. The dry seasons are the best time to go on a Gorilla trek and on a safari in Uganda. In the rainforests, where the primate tracking is located (Bwindi and Kibale), visitors should still prepare themselves for possible wet weather. The country’s temperatures range between 26° and 30° during the day and 16° and 20° at night with the hottest months being January, February and December. Apart from some northern parts of the country that receive average annual rainfall as low as 100mm, the rest of the country is green throughout the year with an annual rainfall between 1,000mm to 2,000mm with the coolest season being mid-September to November, the March to May.